I brought home apple butter from a Cracker Barrel in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, but they don't just sell biscuits here in Oregon, so I've been pining. This morning I made my own biscuits! and now I have biscuits, apple butter, and coffee to eat before I go volunteer this afternoon.

And thanks, newbie, for reminding me about this community. It's been a while.

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I was smiling on the bus today ...
I smiled because I had a kiss from someone special and then two small mwahs on either cheek.
Just the tickle of his mustache made me smile all the way to my bus stop.
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winter BREAK has BEGUN

I'm smiling because:

1) my roommate Cheri just drove me to Albertsons to buy Mountain Dew
2) ultimate people are the bomb bomb bomb
3) my wounded hip flexors are healing, slowly but surely
4) a friend of mine is newly sort-of-dating an incredibly hot boy and I get to watch her in her wonder-binge phase of swoopy giggle fits.
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I'm smilin' 'cause my kick-ass friends have made it possible for me to run the LA Marathon in 3 weeks. They're dope.

I'm also smiling because, in spite of any confusion I might feel over inconsequential things, my friend Chris is coming into town in a few days, with my friend Jessica only a few days behind. :)

Also because I'm done with law school in less than three months.
Because I am getting money back for tax returns.
Because my siblings kick ass.
Because I can dance, and sing, and listen to classical music.

Really, what's there NOT to smile about?

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I'm smiling because:
1) I just figured out to post to this community
2) I'm about to go to Ultimate practice
3) I just had a random dance party with a lady named Linda who works in the dining hall; she calls me "baby," as in, "break it down, baby," and caught me in an embarrassing moment and declared it cute.